Improvisation resources database

Below you can find a list of resources that might be helpful for your journey through the lands of classical music improvisation. You can search on several parameters. Here is a video about it, or just go and find your way 🙂

In the latest version we have added improvisation topics with checkboxes. You can still look for ‘partimento’, but if we accidentally spelt it Partimento or partimenti it won’t be found, so hence these checkboxes.

About the instruments search box: you can look for sources specifically for your instrument there. But most of the sources here could be used on any instrument, so be aware that if you only look for “flute” you might be missing out.

We also added the option to look for specific ornaments. In the record on our website we will copy the original instructions for the ornaments, if it is feasible in terms of length, so that one can really dig deep in descriptions of these over time and per instrument. But this will take quite a while before we have a more comprehensive list. Feel free to support us on Patreon to give us more time to do so 😀 (see upper right corner).

Currently we are in the process of adding and renewing, so quite some titles are still missing.

Let us know if there are any items still missing on the list, or any other comments. Also your own improvisation resources, should you be willing to share them: Have fun!

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  • Posted 4 years ago
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