O Solitude

‘O Solitude’

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future
And time future contained in time past.

TS Eliot, Four Quartets

We are in history but alienated from history; we think we know the past but can only see it through the window of the present. Together with the well-known improviser/composer Guus Janssen and soprano Cora Schmeiser the Scroll ensemble juxtaposes past and present, 17th-century English music and free improvisation, Henry Purcell and Thelonius Monk, in a richly varied, constantly changing stylistic tapestry.

Guests: Guus Janssen (organ) and Cora Schmeiser (soprano)

Listen to a sample of Still Point (2012) by F. J. Hewitt, performed by the Scroll Ensemble, with Guus Janssen (organ) and Cora Schmeiser (soprano) in Orgelpark (February 2012), Amsterdam