Improvisation around 1600 – Introduction

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Improvisation around 1600 – Introduction

This video gives a comprehensive, clear and fun overview of improvisation around 1600.

He talks about adding ornaments and diminutions, variations, realisation of basso continuo and partimento, pieces on a given chant melody or soggetto, and free pieces based on mode, affect or another idea (like fantasia or ricercare).


  • Improvisation topics

    Basso Continuo (Generalbass), Cadence (at the end of a musical sentence), Canon, Cantare Super Librum, Counterpoint, Diminution (up to 1620), Fantasia, Form / Genre (as inspiration) / Satzlehre, Ground Bass / Ostinato, Mode, Motif, Partimento, Prelude, Ricercare, Toccata, Variations

  • Solo / Ensemble

    Solo, Ensemble

  • Website Source

  • Author

    Elam Rotem -

  • Language (Translation?)


  • Level

    Beginner, (More) Advanced

  • Year


  • Medium


  • Style

    Renaissance, Baroque

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