“What this group does is completely unique. No one else in “Classical music” dares to undertake the feat of improvising whole concerts as a group! If you like the spirit of jazz, Indian ragas, Arabic taqsim, or if you are simply a fan of wonderfully played Baroque music, they are for you.”
– Kati Debretzeni [Concertmeester, Sir John Eliot Gardiner]

Welcome to the website of The Scroll Ensemble. We bring back improvisation to classical music in all its facets. Have a look at our YouTube channel here, where we hope to inspire everyone to improvise and share our most recent ventures:

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The Scroll Ensemble is a unique ensemble with Early Music as its starting point for exhilarating improvisations. From there they move within the realm of the contemporary world, from dance to jam session, from film music to classical concert setting, from outdoors troubadours to the most intimate theatrical gesture. Read more…

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