Classics is a programme full of our most beloved music reinterpreted by our improvisations in the moment.

In the past, when famous improvisers would perform for their audiences, the listener knew the basic material used for the improvisations very well. They were the famous arias and melodies of the day.

What are those famous pieces for us today? You, the audience, can tell us, and we will transform your favourite pieces in new and unexpected ways. The way performers used to in the past, but also in different and new ways.
Usually these improvisers performed alone, but we improvise in an ensemble! Also, having performers with different stylistic backgrounds, many unexpected turns may occur!

An adventure for the performers as well as the listener.

The idea of a classic is deeply rooted in classical music’s history (and not only in the genre’s name). Specifically, the growth of a repertoire of famous pieces that are repeated over and over started in the Baroque period, with Handel’s Messiah, a period in which also The Scroll Ensemble found its first seeds for growth. A period, moreover, in which improvisation was still a big part of the way musicians were taught and performed.