Inventions – A journey into creativity

[Baroque improvisations with audience interaction through tree branches, on a chorale, based on a theme travelling from Pachelbel to Bach to The Scroll Ensemble and more!]

The programme takes its name from the famous 15 inventions by Johann Sebastian Bach. The audience is taken on a journey showing how Bach may have taught his son Wilhelm Friedemann Bach about improvisation and composition. Originally they were written for his son Wilhelm Friedemann as Praeambula (youtube playlist), a genre which was often improvised.

Perhaps you are interested about the use of the word “Invention” before and after Bach? We did some digging and you can have a look here for predecessors, and here for ‘offspring’.

In Bach’s time, an invention held the possible aspects of the piece-to-be within itself, unfolding like the paper clip which is often used in creativity exercises nowadays. The item remains a paperclip, but changes in different contexts entirely. In music the great thing is that those ideas, those different uses for the paperclip can then be combined simultaneously (counterpoint) or follow each other in time in different combinations: they are the characters in a story, a story which changes them for better or worse.

The audience is involved in this experience directly and is given a peek straight into the heart of the kitchen of baroque improvisation: be part of the invention!

James Hewitt – Violin & Viola
Robert De Bree – Recorder & Oboe

Performing our Inventions Duo Programme for the Friends of the Mauritshuis Benefit
Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht – Branches and Cards for the audience to interact with us