Support us

We can always use the help of a friendly hand to make more of our future projects possible and fundable.

At the moment we have two dreams:
1. Recording our first CD
2. A keyboard instrument for our jam sessions.

You can help by:

– lending a keyboard instrument
– donating in kind, like transport, spreading the word about us, help with things like websites, etc.
– sponsorship*
– one-time donations

In return we can:
– mention your name in our publications, CD, at concerts, etc.
– record a special birthday/celebration theme using the famous old technique of solmisation.
– play a private concert improvising on your favourite themes (depending on donation)

Get in touch with us to find out more.

*If you are a Dutch tax payer, donating through our supporting ANBI-C foundation “Les Vents Atlantiques” will give you a 125% tax return on your donation.