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  • Sat

    Open Improvisation Session Classical Music 2! Pachelbel's Canon


    Koorenhuis Centrum
    Prinsegracht 27 
    2512 EW  Den Haag 
    The Netherlands

    One of the important and beautiful structures in music was used once by a composer called Pachelbel to write a canon for three violins and a bass. This piece, Pachelbel’s canon, has become a hit on most ‘Best of Classical Music” albums today and will be the topic of our next Open Improvisation Session for Classical Music!

    The idea of the sessions is simple: anyone can improvise. Amateur musicians, professional musicians, and even just the general audience.
    We just haven’t learned how to do it and that’s what we are going to change this season with our 8 improvisation sessions.

    If you can play the note “A”, you can already do the first assignment. If things get too difficult, just drop out. Also, there is no problem to keep learning at your own level. Because the underlying music is always repeating itself, you can keep doing an easier assignment even if others have moved on.

    Beforehand there is a workshop to learn in more depth and online we have put together some material so you can learn the basics already at home:
    In English: learn online
    In Dutch: online leren