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    An Wasserflussen Babylon


    AAFAB, Jeremiestraat 4-6, 3511 TW Utrecht, The Netherlands

    According to the story, with his improvisation on the chorale melody “An Wasserflussen Babylon”, Bach paid homage to the older and revered J. A. Reincken on a visit and allegedly was praised by him as being the last foothold of this venerable art. He improvised for 3 hours without stopping. Reincken’s own version is extant thanks to a copy made by Bach himself and is also a good 20 minutes. With this programme we pay hommage to these men’s abilities and improvise our own version of “An Wasserflussen Babylon”. The whole concert will be based only on this one melody, flowing from part to part, from improvisation technique to idea, hoping to take you on a journey through this wonderful chorale.

    An Wasserflussen Babylon