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  • Sat

    Game of Themes | Improvisation Competitions with guest Bert Mooiman


    Orgelpark, Amsterdam

    Already in Greek times musicians competed: to get a job, to show off, or because an emperor thought it would be entertaining. Mozart competed with Clementi, Bach was challenged by Marchand (who eventually didn’t show up), Scarlatti and Handel competed and many more did.

    Like today’s rap battles, improvisation and competition made classical music a scintillating experience.

    Just like with sport’s competitions, we want to give you more of a way into the musicians’ improvisations, with playful ‘sports comments’, audience picking themes and choosing the winners!

    So come and sit on the edge of your seat for classical music in the moment.

    Robert de Bree, James Hewitt, Iason Marmaras

    Due to illness the marvellous Bert Mooiman will replace Patrick Ayrton.

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