Event Information

  • Sat

    Pitch at Grachtenfestival


    NedPho-Koepel, Obiplein 4, 1094 RB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The Scroll Ensemble has been selected by De Grachtenfestival to present a pitch for a new way of performing concerts. We will present a 10-minute pitch on the 11th of February at 15:10 in the NedPho-Koepel. This is open to the public if you want to support us. If we are selected we will be invited to perform at the Grachtenfestival later this year.

    About our pitch
    Why is the audience being ostracised for using their mobile phone? For better or worse phones have become like a 5th limb for many people, so let’s use them! When they make a sound, these sounds will become part of the concert and our improvisation. What’s more, people will be able to influence elements of our improvisations using their phones. 
    For now you can read Rolling Stone’s 10 most annoying concert behaviours for comparison to pop concerts. We would love to hear from you or discuss with you on our Facebook page what you think about phones at concerts and having the ability to choose what a concert sounds like!