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  • Sun

    MentiParti - Partimento summer academy

    Basel, Switzerland

    This course focuses on partimento, but there are many related subjects as well.  Catherine Motuz is doing an excellent renaissance improvisation workshop and we are learning about solfeggio as well. There are also the partimento specialists Peter van Tour, Ewald Demeyere and instigator Tobias Cramm.

    I am going to focus on helping melody players to make their first steps in Partimento on their own instruments.

    I will bring together three ideas in separate workshops: 

    Improvising two part counterpoint on a partimento based on ideas in solo fantasias by Telemann. Being responsible for bass and melody is super useful, i have found and introduces the next step well: improvising on a partimento whilst someone else plays the bass. Your own solo repertoire will be useful, but also the solfeggi we are learning about in other classes, because they use beautiful melodies on typical partimento bass lines that we can steal. 

    Finally inspired by Martini and Corelli we will look at trio sonata setting improvisations on partimenti!

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