Event Information

  • Sat

    Bal Masque - Amsterdam


    CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam

    Ball Masqué

    A participation event with dance, music and text. You will participate in the dances, which will be learned in situ.

    N.B.: 1.5 meters distance will be safe guarded and face masks function as part of the ball masque.

    Have you also missed dancing to live music, meeting people and interacting with them more than just circumstantially from a distance?

    In the past many people lived equally isolated lives. The bal masque, with its beautiful music, swirling dances and social events, was one of the few places where social interaction, distanced by conventions from the past, took place.

    In our event we invite you to experience a bal masque inspired by this past. Once you enter through the doors, you will be one of the attendants of the ball, albeit a practice ball where the dancing master will teach you (a simple part of) the dances. Through little texts we heighten the experience and if you want, you can get a small, tiny action or a few words sent to you beforehand, so you can even have a few seconds of acting as part of the ball.

    In no other period of our lives may we be so connected to the isolated lives of the visitors of these balls masques. Come and experience the mask recontextualised, dance with us to improvised music and find out what happens at our bal masque. 


    Met dank aan steun van Fonds Podiumkunsten / Balkonscenes