Trattado de Glosas

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Trattado de Glosas

This treatise is part of many in the 16th century, which show you how to apply ornaments to a given melody by giving tiny snippets of melody without ornaments, and then examples of ornaments you could apply to these unornamented melodies in a table-format.

But, Ortiz also shows other improvisation techniques, like improvising over a tenor, improvising in several parts, adding a 5th part to a 4 part piece and more.

A translation is available here:


Book 1 starts of with ways to ornament certain cadences and intervals.

Cadences first:

Then the intervals follow. For example one note up and then these examples follow:



  • Improvisation topics

    Cadence (at the end of a musical sentence), Counterpoint, Diminution (up to 1620), Fantasia, Guidelines, Ground Bass / Ostinato, Ricercare, Variations

  • Solo / Ensemble

    Solo, Ensemble

  • Website Source

  • Author

    Diego Ortiz

  • Language (Translation?)

    Spanish / Italian (German / English in modern edition - see above)

  • Country


  • Instrument

    Viola da Gamba, Any

  • Level

    Beginner, (More) Advanced

  • Year


  • Medium


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