Traité des agrémens de la musique

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Traité des agrémens de la musique

Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1700s) Italian

Translation into French, P. Denis, Traité_des_agrémens_de_la_musique (1771)
Translation into English, Sol Babitz, treatise-on-the-ornaments-of-music
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Contains descriptions of how to add ornamentation in late baroque style,
with many examples and explanations how different ornaments work with
different affects. Tartini starts with simple ornaments- appogiatura,
trill, and mordent, and then moves to florid ornamentation, with what he
calls 'natural' and 'compound' methods. Finally, he discusses the cadenza.

Like many authors in his time he uses the idea of a "skeleton melody" and how to add ornamentation to it.

Cadenzas are also built up from a basic scale or triad and then elaborated.


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