The Oxford Handbook of Critical Improvisation Studies, Volumes 1 and 2

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The Oxford Handbook of Critical Improvisation Studies, Volumes 1 and 2

  • Includes diverse scholarly investigations of improvisation from a vast range of disciplines and fields
  • Contributors include the leading thinkers on improvisation
  • A major body of work in one of the fastest growing areas of scholarly inquiry

Not all of it is about music, but these chapters are:
1. Cognitive Processes in Musical Improvisation
Roger Dean and Freya Bailes

3. Improvisation, Action Understanding, and Music Cognition With and Without Bodies
Vijay Iyer
4. The Ghost in the Music, or The Perspective of an Improvising Ant
David Borgo

10. The Salmon of Wisdom: On the Consciousness of Self and Other in Improvised Music and In the Language that Sets One Free
Alexandre Pierrepont

24. Musical Improvisation and the Philosophy of Music
Philip Alperson

26. Improvising Impromptu, Or, What to Do with a Broken String
Lydia Goehr

29. Spiritual Exercises, Improvisation, and Moral Perfectionism:
With Special Reference to Sonny Rollins
Arnold I. Davidson

Volume II
4. Billy Connolly, Daniel Barenboim, Willie Wonka, Jazz Bastards, and the Universality of Improvisation
Raymond MacDonald and Graeme Wilson

8. Landmarks in the Study of Improvisation: Perspectives from Ethnomusicology
Bruno Nettl

9. Saving Improvisation: Hummel and the Free Fantasia in the Early Nineteenth Century
Dana Gooley
10. Negotiating Freedom and Control in Composition: Improvisation and Its Offshoots, 1950 to 1980
Sabine Feisst

20. Improvisation and Interaction, Canons and Rules, Emergence and Play
Simon Penny

25. Live Algorithms for Music: Can Computers Be Improvisers?
Michael Young and Tim Blackwell
26. Improvisation of the Masses: Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Music
Ge Wang


Improvisation topics
Fantasia Form / Genre (as inspiration) / Satzlehre
Language (Translation?)
Classical Romantic 20th Century (Bartók, Messiaen, etc.) Free / Idiomatic

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