Opera intitulata Fontegara

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Opera intitulata Fontegara

A treatise about recorder playing, ornaments and passaggi.

The book gives rows and rows of ideas on how to ornament a certain interval: "when you go one step up, you could ornament it in these ways." It includes some very complicated patterns in difficult rhythmical values like quintuplets and septuplets.

This is the first instrumental tutor solely devoted to the recorder and this improvisation practice.

Starting off with a simple introduction on a scale:

Then follow pages of a simple interval and possible 'diminutions' or ways to ornament this slow ornament.

Later on more complicated rhythmical ideas are being exploited. Some suggest this is to imply a rhythmical freedom which wasn't possible to notate or describe otherwise.

Later on there are also tables with different types of trills, some including trills over the interval of a third or fourth!!

A translation can be found here (free):



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