Blockflöte und Improvisation

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Blockflöte und Improvisation

From the publisher:

Matthias Maute offers detailed insights into the forms and styles of improvisation over the centuries. There are chapters dedicated especially to extemporization in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque eras, as well as a comprehensive treatment of jazz improvisation (dirty notes, jazz scales, arrangements...), modern performance techniques and improvisation on the basis of text, graphics, visual arts and dance/motion.

The text volume contains many models and suggestions suitable for students of all levels. Thanks to its systematic methodology, the book can also be used as a reference work.

The music volume contains a CD and offers practical instructions for playing extempore in various styles. It is also ideal as a point of departure for one's own improvisations.

From a methodical point of view, it is recommendable and meticulously well thought-out. For Maute, improvisation is and rightly so not simply random, arbitrary playing, but playing that observes principles. In keeping with these principles, the book offers a variety of simple rhythmic and melodic preparatory exercises. The table of contents conveniently lists the size of the group for which the respective exercise is conceived.
Mautes most detailed section is the chapter on jazz improvisation. The second book contains a CD which features a refreshing combination of various styles with a variety of cadential trainings.
Altogether, it is a pioneer publication in the sense of a comprehensive introduction to the vast complex of Recorder & Improvisation, which is particularly compelling through its methodical suggestions and wealth of materials.
(ERTA-News Austria, 4/05)

Finally, a comprehensive instruction manual for improvisation on the recorder! This book signals a long-anticipated achievement, a new book that contains a wealth of information for students and for whoever is seeking to enrich their lessons especially group work in a novel manner. Many thanks!


Matthias Maute
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Type of Thing you Learn
Estampie, Melody, Melodic improvisation, Organ point, Organum, Ostinato, Ground, Ornamentation, Canon, Chaconne, Prelude, Jazz, Blues, Rhythmical improvisation, Graphical notation, Text inspired, Minimal Music, Form, Accompaniment
Beginner (More) Advanced
Medieval Renaissance Baroque Classical Romantic 20th Century 21st Century Cross-over Folk

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