Three Blind Mice – Improvisation Experiments 3 – Listening

The Skinny Puppies don’t use much of the melody of the song except for the part “three blind mice”. You may also notice that it sounds a bit different! That is because the song is in minor! (What does this mean?)

The first exercise with this song is about listening. You can probably hear the “three blind mice” motive in the piano. If not, here is a sample of it:


This motive can be heard almost throughout the song, but there are a few moments when it is gone. Can you hear when it’s gone?

For practising improvisation on a song, it is very helpful to loop just part of it. Keep trying to hear more details in it and experiment with what you could add. Practice with just the opening part of the song. What can you do with it? Leave your comments, questions and recordings below!

What about improvising a little solo using these materials? Have a look at the next experiment!

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