Three Blind Mice Improvisation Experiments 5 – A bit more of a solo

As the last part of our Improvisations Experiments with Three Blind Mice, we want to have a look at using some melodic variation and the form of your solo to make even more interesting solos!

In this version you can hear two interesting elements to use in your solos. First the form is called ‘Variation form’. You can try the same. Start playing the song plainly and then play the song a few times with variations! Make sure to leave a juicy one for the end.

Something else we can glean from this version is how to make variations. At 00:20 you can hear how the melody is still played but with a little extra note.

If you are not sure what we mean, have a listen and look here, first at the normal melody and then the ornamented melody:

Here are some more interesting ideas for the song. Interesting in these solos is that there are snippets of the original melody that come back unchanged. Also sometimes the musicians play with staying on a note or skipping a few notes in a solo. Have a listen!

It would be great for us to share our experiments below and also any questions you may have! Let us know whether you thought his was at all helpful! We also have a survey to find out how to improve our improvisation teaching. Click here to help us with our improvisation learning survey. Or maybe you are curious about learning to improvise a canon now or improvising on the passacaglia?


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