Three Blind Mice Improvisation Experiments 4 – A solo with a small motive

Here is the original song again for reference:

In this experiment you can take one part of the song. For example the beginning. Try to play it starting on different notes but stay in the scale (C major: C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C). Start on an F for example (F-E-D). Other options are A-G-F, or B-A-G, or C-B-A. What happens if you make a melody consisting of this motive started on different notes? It could sound like this:

Or like this:

In the next version of the song you hear that the song is mostly referenced in a variation of the opening motive. It goes up and it goes down in the vibraphone.

We can do something similar in improvising our song. Make some variations:

It would be lovely to hear some of your experiments and for us all to have some positive criticism for each other 🙂

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