Tarantella Accompaniment and Guidelines

Here you will find the guidelines and accompaniments to learn to improvise on the Tarantella.

More versions and more free sheet music can be found here.

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Accompaniment for the Tarantella

A simple piano accompaniment (slight acceleration in the middle)

Accompaniments are in A=440Hz.

Harpsichord Accompaniment1 A = 440

Tarantella 415

Simplest Guidelines to improvise on the Tarantella (Modo Hypodorico) including a guideline using only three notes

These are the simplest guidelines, followed by a score so you can see how the guidelines all fit together. We believe ANYONE can improvise, given the right tools and setting. For guideline 3 you ONLY need to be able to play the notes A, B and C. 

They are here in C, in B flat and in Bass clef. Let us know if you want any other transpositions. It’s easy to do for us :-).

Tarantella Guidelines only using Open Strings (Violin & Cello)

Tarantella Simplest Guidelines for all “usual” instruments in C

Tarantella Simplest Guidelines in Bass Clef

Tarantella Simplest Guidelines for B flat instruments

Here you can find a midi-file of each Guideline played on a trumpet with string accompaniment, so you can hear how your guideline relates to the rest. There is a percussion accompaniment for you to get a sense of the meter (how many beats there are in a bar).

Guideline 1:

Guideline 2:

Guideline 3:

Here you can find a PDF with different rhythmic possibilities to fill up a 3/2 bar as mentioned in our video.This list is obviously not exhaustive. By taking away any of the notes and replacing them with rests, you can find even more possibilities, but 61 seems a good number to start.

Athanasius Kircher Melody, Bass and Guidelines on the Tarantella Modo Hypodorico

We also have these guidelines, based on the bass and melody given by Athanasius Kircher. It’s slightly longer and a little more complicated, but still pretty basic. Let us know if you would like a transposition of one of these too. You can choose any of these lines to play.


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