MentiParti 2023 – Partimento, Improvisation and Counterpoint course in Basel and Online

mentiParti 2023  July 5th to 16th, is a summer academy designed for exploring improvisation and composition based on practices and methods inspired by the 17th/18th century Neapolitan conservatories’ „partimenti“, „solfeggi“ and counterpoint teaching.

mentiParti brings together the joy of individual music making with group-based activities and learning from experts in the field.

mentiParti 2023 invites participants of all ages, newcomers and growing practitioners, young learners and professionals, school teachers and academics to enter an atmosphere of open learning, listening, and shared inspiration.

This years’s mentiParti will again be in a hybrid format, making it possible for a local group to meet in person at the Freie Musikschule in Basel/CH, and at the same time interacting with online participants.

The schedule will run locally from Sunday July 9th to Sunday July 16th, and in addition to this there will be online introductory sessions starting on July 5th. This will allow beginners to more naturally enter a process of emulation and self-learning during the whole project. Also, we would like to create spaces during mentiParti 2023, where practitioners of different backgrounds can interact with beginners. A special time will be reserved for young learners (children/teenagers).

Faculty members include Tobias Cramm, Tabea Schwartz, Barbara Schneebeli, Ewald Demeyere, Vinciane Baudhuin, Nicholas Baragwanath, Robert de Bree, Catherine Motuz, Maximilien Brisson, and Giovanna Barbati.

Come and join us for the mentiParti 2023.

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