Combining videos

As we explain in this video, you can combine our videos to make larger structures. Some videos talk about basic building blocks, others about genres in which these blocks come together and others about other ways to organise the ‘material’.

Building blocks
Pachelbel’s Canon
Fortune my Foe (on Patreon for supporters)
Prelude according to Czerny (improvising with the famous tonic and dominant)
More chordal outlines for preludes (on Patreon for supporters)
Improvise on one chord (Battaglia)
Improvise on chords with app (more on Patreon)
Passacaglia (multi track)
Tarantella (several videos focusing on melody, rhythm, bass)

Pachelbel’s Canon (many, although not in-depth: Adagio, Solo prelude, Battaglia, Recits Ouverture, Allemande, Siciliana, Sarabande, Menuet and Trio and Gigue)
Sinterklaas songs (medieval sequens, small introduction)
How did Beethoven improvise (types of improvisation pieces in Beethoven’s time and how to learn them)
How to improvise an Estampie with Saskia Coolen (on Patreon for supporters only)
17th century Battaglia inspired by Van Eyck
Contemporary improvisation on Dutch national anthem
Minimal improvisation on Dutch national anthem
Simple baroque prelude (organ points) (here and here)

Organise material
Rhetoric according to Johannes Nux (how to organise structure and express certain affects (emotions))
Hoffmeister Caprices (learning small figures from Hoffmeister (Beethoven’s time) towards a solo caprice)
What can we learn from Ralph Vaughan Williams’ use of form in his pentatonic prelude from the Phantasy Quintet (on Patreon for supporters)
How does Saskia Coolen find the form for her improvisations? (on Patreon for supporters)
Say Yes, No and Yes, And

Sinterklaas songs (how to improvise counterpoint in thirds)
Steal like an Artist (examples of how to learn from compositions / composers by stealing their ideas and making them your own)
Improvise on the pentatonic scale
Variation techniques in Beethoven’s violin works (public, but small part only for Patreon supporters)
Fauxbourdon on a melody (Dutch national anthem)
Soundscape (on Dutch national anthem)
Simple variations without changing notes inspired by Beethoven
Use a motive to turn it into a baroque solo (only for Patreon supporters)