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Dear All,

Time for our first assignment:

Improvise a few contrasting melodies and write your favourite one down. The melodies can be simple, because we will add other voices and diminutions to it later. Also, you will have to teach your melody to a few class mates later, so don’t make it too complicated for that reason either ;-).

Hints: you could decide on a key or mode, you could think of a few words and set them to a melody, does the melody end in a logical time metrically and what is the character of the melody?

Please post your melody here before next Tuesday (26/9). You can take a picture of a written version, or ideally make a pdf from a sibelius file. Sibelius can be used in the lab in the school (or I use Musescore, which one can download for free and has many the same features).
Fun part of this class, James and I will be doing the homework along with you and posting our things too: don’t let us down! 🙂

All the best,
Robert and James