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James Hewitt


Just wanted to give a little background information to the last class,

For a short overview of Guilimus Monachus, and the parallel sixths schema we discussed at the last lesson see:

For an idea of how such schemas can be used in practice and improvisation style in late 15th Century, the Buxheimer Orgelbuch (1460/1470), contemporary with Monachus. (there are also many more youtube videos and a lot of the music is also available on ISMLP)

La Folia ‘Rodrigo Martinez’ version played by Jordi Saval, The same as we ended the class with but the tenor is a different rhythm.

Heinrich Issac ‘Innsbruck Ich Muss Dich Lassen’:, you can hear (and see the music in the video) a lot of parallel 6ths between the tenor and upper voice.

If you’d like to read a little more in depth, the following two articles might be interesting:

Improvisation and Polyphony in Mexico:

the following article might be a little technical but discusses how the schemas are used in compositions by Heinrich Isaac:
‘Composing Imitative Counterpoint around a Cantus Firmus- two motets by Heinrich Isaac’


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