17 February 2018 | 14:00-17:00
Den Haag, Pianino Theater, Binckhorstlaan 135, 2516 BA Den Haag

A= 440 Hz
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Open stage, Improvisation workshop, Poetry and more!
The composer Schubert would gather with poets, painters and musicians and they would share their work, react on their artistic utterances in their own and have a merry time!
In this session we are going to relive this experience: take part in our improvisation workshop, play or sing a piece (by Schubert for example!) and we react with our improvisations, or bring a story or poem, your own or someone else’s: in short: we are going to share beautiful moments together and put together a Schubertiade from scratch!

Here you can see how people experienced previous sessions:

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Making your own music is an amazing feeling! This is possible with Classical Music too. After all, that’s what our favourite composers did all the time.
Do you have to be a genius to be able to do this? Not at all! We have been doing it for 13 years and would love to show you how to make your own start.

That’s why we have been organising sessions and workshops since October 2017. In our upcoming session we are particularly interested in the interaction between word and music, story and sound, people and their stories, whichever way they express them. So come and tell your story, or listen to those of the others!

For whom?

Anyone with a story to tell or who wants to come listen to some. We will tell these in music and words, improvised or written down and all of these things will come together only in this unique event, so don’t miss it!

For musical improvisers: playing a few notes can already be enough!

Each session comes with a prepetory workshop and a simple build-up.

You can also prepare online! Have a look here: Ga hier naar het oefenmateriaal!

More practice videos and materials:
Oefenen met Greensleeves

Oefenen Pachelbel’s Canon
Oefenen Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Improviseer een passacaglia
Improviseer een canon
Inspiratie van het liedje Three Blind Mice

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