Mozart the Improviser

Improvisation concert and Workshop Mozart

13 January 2018 – Dienstencentrum Copernicus
Daguerrestraat 16 2561 TT The Hague

14:00 Workshop (open for amateur musicians and all levels up)
15:30 Improvisation Concert (listen or participate!)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:  Who does not know him? Great composer and
pianist, child prodigy… But, did you know he was also a fantastic
improviser? He was invited by Emperor Josef 2nd for a musical competition
with Clementi in which improvisation formed an important role
(Speaking of musical competitions, our concert in the Orgelpark with
Patrick Ayrton will became exactly that sort of musical duel).

During this workshop we take as a starting point the famous opening of
Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. Everyone can learn to improvise! It is
not about improvising ‘real mozart’, but about being inspired by him so we
can derive even more pleasure from his music.

“The buildup of the workshop was very good, so that everyone could do it
and felt comfortable participating”

We begin with clapping games and improvisations with one note. That means,
that if you can play the note G, you can already do the first excercise.
Then we build up  slowly to a chord and add more creative elements.

We have already put some fun excercises online to help with preperation.
Play with us!

Curious about Mozart, classical improvisation, the Scroll Ensemble? Come
to our concert where everyone can enjoy and learn from the music of
Curious about what lies behind Mozart’s genius? We try to shed just a
little light on what lies behind the master.
With Frere Jaques, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and more!