Play away the Malaise: Corontella!

Improvise with us: Tarantella Edition :o)

Join us in a little bit of catharsis and record your own tarantella! As per the true Tarantella spirit: there is no judgement, no right or wrong, there is just having fun with the music and letting it all out.


Improvise or play a tarantella and upload it with #Corontella:
1. On our Facebook page

2. On YouTube, Insta, etc.

3. Send your recording to us and we will publish it anonymously (contact here).

You can use one of our accompaniments (downloadable) here. If you do so, feel free to record the melody whilst listening to the accompaniment on your headphones, send your recording to us, and we will put it together.


We all improvise on the “Hypodorico” Tarantella. Below you find some videos to learn how to do it. Here are the sheet music and the guidelines (the simplest is only 3 notes!).

What else?

Want to just play a Tarantella without improvisation, or do something a little different, have a look at all of the different versions here. You also find some texts there and there is a video about the different texts that were used on our YouTube channel here.
Another idea could be to work together. Ask a friend to record an accompaniment and record over it. Use the Acapella app to improvise with yourself! Contact us if you have any questions :)!


The Tarantella was originally used to cure a spider’s bite. In the ’60s De Martino analysed beautifully, how the Tarantella was used to overcome any crisis someone may have encountered through a social, cultural, musical, physical and therapeutical ritual, in which it was accepted to scream, cry, writhe and agonise, whilst you could count on the support from your friends and family.
We think this would be a wonderful moment to scream and cry in the Tarantella, so join us! ­čÖé