Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

On 22 April [1789] he played the organ at the Thomaskirche, without previous notice and without payment. He played very finely and artfully for an hour to a large audience. The then organist Görner and the late Cantor Doles were near him and pulled the stops. I saw him in person, a young fashionably-dressed man of medium height. Doles was completely enchanted by the artist’s playing, and believed that his teacher, old Seb. Bach, was resurrected, for whom Mozart had also expressed the most profound admiration at the Thomasschule, when he heard one of his motets and saw his works. He applied all the harmonic arts and improvised most magnificently, with very good decorum and the greatest ease, on the themes, including the chorale Jesu meine Zuversicht.

Berlinische musikalische Zeitung, facsimile edition p. 132
Berlin, 1805
Other sources: Otto Jahn, The Life of Mozart