Goby Eberhardt

Goby Eberhardt

[About teacher August Wilhelmj]. His playing was grand, noble, passionate, full of fantasy and life. “He did not play pieces, he improvised them.”’
(p. 14)

It made my uncle especially happy when I freely improvised with [pianist Fritz] Steinhardt; he would play, for example, an accompaniment, to which I improvised all manner of themes.’
(p. 35)

[with violinist Emile Sauret he] played duets, and also concertos in unison, where he [Sauret] then suddenly overtook the accompaniment on the violin and improvised things on it. A pleasure of a completely special kind were his preludes and improvisations. Here he manifested his enormous technique, lightness, etc.  (p. 67)

Erinnerungen an bedeutende Männer unserer Epoche.
Goby Eberhardt
1926, memories about late 19th century